Dedicated Advocacy During The Divorce Process

The legal and emotional complexities of divorce require an attorney who can identify legal issues efficiently. Setting aside personal matters is vital, as the focus should be on looking at the big picture and finding long-term solutions.

At the Law Office of Cynthia Barela Graham, we provide individualized representation by truly listening to our clients. Their goals are our focus. With attention to every detail and a focus on results, we pursue the best possible outcome.


Committing To Protecting The Rights Of Texas Residents

As a former county prosecutor, Cynthia Graham gained in-depth experience trying cases in court. The litigation skills our founder developed are a valuable asset for her clients, especially when significant marital property is at stake.

But while litigation is a valid choice, we have found that collaborative law can reduce the rancor inherent in divorce, especially when children are involved. By negotiating instead of litigating, our clients retain take control of their family's future.

Selecting The Right Divorce Lawyer Can Make A Difference

Whether divorce is cooperative or contentious, legal advocacy is paramount. Call the Law Office of Cynthia Barela Graham at 806-410-2801. You can also reach our Amarillo family law firm through our online intake form.