Putting Children First In Divorce-Related Issues

The divorce process can be expensive and draining, not only for parents, but also for children. Sons and daughters often find themselves in the middle when their mothers and fathers end their marriages. Disputes make co-parenting challenging, often forcing children to take sides unnecessarily.

Looking Out For Children Placed In The Middle Of Divorce

A focus on the best interests of the children is vital for divorcing parents when it comes to:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Modifications
  • Enforcement

Collaborative law can help avoid tearing a family apart. Litigation does serve a purpose, however, particularly when one parent alleges domestic violence or abuse. Trial is often the only option if spouses are engaging in fraud or deliberate deception.

A Candid, No-Nonsense Litigator And Collaborative Lawyer

Cynthia Graham is an aggressive litigator who takes a no-nonsense approach. She earns her clients' trust with her directness, honesty and integrity. Our founder possesses the insight necessary to help parents understand what is best for their children, not what is best for them.

For many divorcing couples throughout Texas, the concept of setting their needs aside for their children is difficult to understand. Others simply do not want to hear it.

The founder of our Amarillo-based law firm treats each case individually, customizing strategies in pursuit of the best outcome. She studies the family dynamic and identifies specific issues and problems. From there, she advises her clients on the best way to find resolution, the process they face and the time it will take.

The Need For A Skilled And Compassionate Family Lawyer

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