Skilled In Mediating And Litigating Property Division

Property division is one of the more contentious aspects of a divorce. While the process often involves household items and bank accounts, assets higher in value present complexities that require an attorney with extensive experience.

Helping Texas Residents Through Complex, High-Asset Property Division

Examples of valuable assets subject to division in divorce include:

  • Family-owned businesses, which often involve significant financial commitments and years of sweat equity. Investments of both money and time are at stake when a marriage ends.
  • Real estate, whether purchased or inherited during the marriage. Industry experts are often needed to evaluate and appraise properties that include single-family homes, farms, ranches and vacation property.
  • Retirement funds and pensions, which represent future financial security. That stability is put at risk when a marriage ends. Pursuing or disputing qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) mandates an attorney with experience and knowledge in this complex area of property division.

Pursuing The Best Outcome For Our Clients Dealing With Divorce

From initial discovery to asset valuation, including business appraisals, the founder of our firm attends to every detail. Collaborative law is often encouraged to save time and money as litigation takes away money from parents and peace of mind from children.

Due to the stakes involved, many high-asset community property divisions end up being litigated. Cynthia Graham is a former prosecutor who does not shy away from trial. Years of experience in that venue have allowed her to hone her skills as a litigator. She is not hesitant to go to trial based on years of experience in the courtroom.

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